Our Vision is to have a Love and Affection March and BBQ in African American Neighborhoods. We are planning our first Love March in Fresno, Ca for September 2021.

We are asking white and other cultures to unite in Love and Affection with a March and BBQ in West Fresno. Our hope is that thousands of White and other races March with Love and Affection to see what life is like in West Fresno and other African American Neighborhoods.

The only agenda is to say, ” We love you, We always have and we always will.

Let’s bring a message of Love and Peace to our Black Neighbors.

  • March through the community to show the White Community what life is like in our Black Communities. 
  • Barbeque after the march. Lets break bread together.
  • Get to know people and families
  • Let’s create long lasting friendships and relationships.
  • Bringing needed resources direct to the community.

Imagine thousands of white people and other cultures marching for love and peace in our black communities. 

It takes work, effort and listening to break through barriers

These days it is so easy to offend people of different cultures, unintentionally . Let alone insensitive people that are intentionally trying to offend people. For instance, as I am trying to present the vision for the Affection March I am receiving very different responses from different cultures. People simply take me due to how I look, speak and act based upon their own cultural and societal perspectives. My being a white man brings a another set of variables to this discussion about showing Love and Affection to our Black Neighbors in their own neighborhood.
I am so fortunate at this time in my life to find great value in listening and trying to understand the point of view and perspective of the people I am speaking with. I can attest that as I place effort in trying to display my heart and the heart of the Affection March, that walls start breaking down, slowly.
I can also tell you that open dialog about caring for someone and having compassion towards their challenges does break through. Even if it takes some extra effort and listening to do so.

Pastor Bruce Hood – Fresno Feed My Sheep

Pastor Bruce Hood of Fresno Feed My Sheep Ministries will be managing the event portion of the Fresno, CA march. Pastor Bruce has been promoting successful event marches in the community for 9 years.