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Love Letter to Neighbors

This letter goes out to all those that I don’t know and that don’t know me. By signing this letter, I simply want to stand up and say;

I Love You, I Always Have, And I Always Will.

There is so much media coverage and press about violence, frustration and anger in the world today. I am hurt that many people that don’t know me have fear, anger, frustration about me and my family. I feel that MOST PEOPLE LOVE ALL PEOPLE. Don’t let the few bad apples and bad circumstances drive the narrative. Hatred, Anger and Frustration never improve the situation.

So, I am standing up with many other races, cultures and occupations saying, “please don’t include me in your fear, anger, hatred and mistrust.”

  • I am willing to work at earning your trust.
  • I want to learn more about your Race, Culture and Community.
  • I value you and your family and I want the best for you.
  • I will work to show you Affection and Love in my words and in my deeds.
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